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What is BitUN?

What is BitUN?

The company BitUN was founded by a handful of finance enthusiasts that came from various sectors, whether it was stocks, cryptocurrency, or financial technology. Carrying core principles that keep the interest of the ordinary investor in mind, BitUN is here to weed out the unsavory competition and solidify its mark on the crypto industry and the development of blockchain technology. Furthermore, the company takes financial security quite seriously, and they want to make an impact on traders to show them that there are trustworthy companies in the market.

BitUN's primary focus is integration and accessibility. They work towards this by creating applications and technologies on the blockchain of various cryptocurrencies, as each coin generally has its own purpose in the financial market. Even though other companies are developing new technologies for the blockchain, many of them don't have the resources to operate at the scale of which BitUN does. Furthermore, many of these same companies are only here for a quick buck, and in many cases, are only created to drive interest towards a specific cryptocurrency.

Since the boom of Bitcoin in 2017, BitUN has been hard at work as the founders saw the immediate and vast potential of the blockchain. Moreover, the company's team of developers are pretty adaptable and can take on nearly any application project. The company's website also provides a streamlined process to deliver your idea in the most concise way possible. This helps ensure that the BitUN team can review your request and get back to you with a quote and plan for creating your new application or blockchain technology.

Well revered among crypto investors for a few years now, BitUN is only becoming more of a staple in the crypto industry. The success rate of their applications and technology developments speak for themselves, and the company has come up with a vast amount of integrations to work with blockchain technology.

It's crucial to the team at BitUN that they stay ahead of the curve. Although some may think the company is over-developing technologies that don't have a widely adaptable use case, BitUN wants to ensure that their creation is one of the first of its kind, even if it doesn't have an immediate application. The company also wants the crypto industry to know that they aren't here to break anyone's bank in creating these new applications. With the lack of trust and transparency in the market, the company would prefer to work with the community rather than constantly peddle tone-deaf products with no real-life use case.

The cryptocurrency industry may constantly change, but that won't stop BitUN from developing for the blockchain. Adamant about the integration of blockchain technology, the company vows to be an advocate for the technology in many countries across the globe. Many traders need a reliable leader in the industry to speak for the individuals' interests, and BitUN is more than happy to oblige. Furthermore, if you're looking to develop an application on blockchain technology, BitUN has all of the expertise you're looking for.